• Customization to the smallest detail

  • Flexibility thanks to in-house design & production

  • Over 55 years’ experience
  • Customization to the smallest detail

  • Flexibility thanks to in-house design & production

  • Over 55 years’ experience

Save on total costs: optimize machine performance

Getting less output from your production lines? Not hitting your production targets because of failures, product losses, and maintenance needs? Have your product specs changed? In all of these cases, you want solutions to get your production back up to where it needs to be.

We will help you optimize performance by improving mechanical spare and wear parts. It will result in savings on your total costs as you use fewer parts and reduce machine downtime.

From design to production, it’s all done in-house. This allows us to guarantee quality and service.

Employee (production) of Spikker Specials controls the production robot.

Our promises

Employees (production) Spikker Specials look at a design of a machine component that they are going to produce
  • Smart designs, tailored to your machines.
  • Always to the right technical specifications.
  • Save time, our engineers will join your thought process.
  • Outstanding quality because production is handled entirely in-house.

Tracking down and analyzing weak machine parts

Optimizing your machines starts by tracking down weak machine parts and analyzing what causes parts to be weak.

We will join your thought process on the best possible solution for every specific application. No standard solutions, but customization. Do you need higher-grade material because of wear and tear, or does the design need changing? All aspects will be analyzed in depth so as to ultimately get optimal quality and, consequently, optimal machine performance.

Employee (engineer) of Spikker Specials who is working on the design of a machine component

Here’s how we improve your spare and wear parts


Make a new design or adjust an existing design? Our specialists will exhaustively assess all aspects, such as wear and the current quality.

Material selection

The best materials, or combinations of materials, for any application. We specialize in using high-grade materials such as hard metal, powder metallurgy steel, and ceramics.


You can always count on quality and service. We can guarantee that thanks to our comprehensive and high-grade machinery and our highly experienced and highly qualified specialists.

Machine part reconditioning and repair options

Employee (production) of Spikker Specials engaged in the production of a critical machine part is engaged in the design of a machine component

When analyzing your machine part needs, we also look into reconditioning and repair options. We do not limit ourselves to only designing new parts. Options to recondition and repair existing parts are also assessed.

With our design and material selection practices, we can guarantee that reconditioned and repaired parts are of the same quality as new parts. Reconditioning and repair further extends total service life, which means significant cost savings for you.

Results after machine performance optimization with our machine parts

  • Your machines are performing at the peak of their capacity. More output.
  • Less failure and downtime thanks to quality and reliability. Reduced maintenance needs.

  • The use of high-grade materials means less consumption.

  • Savings on your total costs.

Detail image of a machine producing a critical machine part

Boasting over 55 years’ experience and with over 200 satisfied customers, we can be your one-stop partner for a lasting relationship.

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