Spikker Specials: a family business for already 60 years

Spikker Specials is the go-to expert when it comes to machine optimization. Needless to say, you want your machines and production lines to deliver constant and optimal performance, and save costs in the process. With our many years of experience, we can offer the best of the best in spare and wear parts.

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History: then and now

Employee (production) of Spikker Specials is working on the production of a critical machine component

1962 – Gerhard Spikker founded Spikker Specials

Founder Gerhard Spikker started the Spikker Specials family business in the eastern part of the Netherlands back in 1962. Right from the start, Gerhard believed in specializing in the production of complex spare and wear parts. Gerhard was convinced that superior quality was possible only by using the very best, globally available materials. He thus laid the foundation for the basic principles that still underlie Spikker Specials’ philosophy today: no mass production of machine parts but continuous innovation and absolute top quality.

1986 – Hans Spikker takes over at the helm of the family business

At the young age of twelve, Hans Spikker, Gerhard Spikker’s son, was introduced to all the aspects of production, sales, and management at Spikker Specials. Having gained all that knowledge and experience over the years, he was able to take the helm of the company after Gerhard Spikker’s death in 1986.

Hans Spikker came in with the ambition to further grow the company. Together with his colleagues, he developed and perfected the company’s vision. He invested in state-of-the-art machines and new production techniques. On top of that, he saw to it that his employees gained more knowledge of new, exotic materials. In order to guarantee outstanding quality, the production area was fitted with an HVAC system.

 Employee (production) of Spikker Specials is working on the production of a critical machine component
Employee (production) of Spikker Specials is working on the production of a critical machine component

2023 – Pride and continuity

Here at Spikker Specials, we are very proud of our loyal employees. Thanks to them, Spikker Specials is able to focus on continuity, development, and improving production processes. We look forward to the future full of confidence!

This is Spikker Specials

  • The go-to expert when it comes to spare and wear parts. We can supply both immediately interchangeable parts and parts that are designed specifically for your application. Our top-quality parts with a longer service life will improve your machines and production lines.

  • Reduced consumption and the use of the reconditioning option will bring down your costs by up to as much as 50%.

  • We make that happen through our fully in-house production and highly varied and modern machinery. An all-encompassing organization with in-house R&D, engineering, measuring chamber (3D), and state-of-the-art equipment for material and quality analyses.

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