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  • High-tech production

  • In-house engineers & production

  • Over 55 years’ experience

Spare and wear parts for any application

Spare and wear parts are crucial for the performance and output of your production lines and installations.

In order to get this result, we need parts with the right specifications for any application. Our extensive knowledge and experience enables us to design and produce optimal quality for your specific application.

Display of various critical machine components designed and manufactured for different applications

Our promises

Zoom in on production critical machine components
  • Customized solutions that meet your specifications.
  • Smart designs, our engineers will join your thought process.
  • Optimal use of the best materials.

Custom-developed machine parts for a wide variety of applications.

Critical, mechanical parts with a high level of precision are our specialty. Wear is generally a key performance factor, meaning that it affects output. Our expertise lies mainly in solutions in the area of guides and cutting, where we can cater to a wide range of applications.

We optimize quality through a combination of the design and material selection. These examples of applications show what’s possible with our specific features, with which we make the difference.

  • Crown cap guide for bottles on a filling line.

  • Cutting module used in a coffee pad production process.

Employee (production) Spikker Specials, working on the production of a machine part

Guide designed and produced from scratch

Guide designed and produced entirely by Spikker Specials for use in applying crown caps to bottles.

Many machine parts come into direct contact with the product produced by the machine. This involves great stress on the critical part, which leads to wear that causes failure and reduces production line output.

This also applies to the feeding in and placing of crown caps on bottles. A feed-in failure will instantly lead to lower production speed and cause production losses. The whole design of this crown bottle cap guide has been optimized to eliminate all weaknesses. The customized design is a combination made up of a variety of parts that each serve a specific purpose. Highly wear-resistant materials were used for it, including hardened corrosion-proof steel and a hard-metal coating.

The end result is a fully customized solution that delivers: significantly improved machine performance and considerable cost savings.

The highest quality in cutting modules and industrial knives

Cutting materials is a very common operation in production processes, often involving materials such as paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, polyprop, and nonwoven fabric.  Suffice to say that you want optimal performance from your cutting tools. After all, problems with your industrial knives and rotating cutting tools can lead to failures, machine downtime, production losses, and consequently drive up your costs.

One fine example of a rotating cutting tool is the cutting module used in a coffee pad production line. Wear caused by constant contact with product materials reduces the service life of cutting tools. The solution to this problem is to choose the right material with a surface treatment and high product quality. The end result is a significant increase in the part’s overall service life thanks to repeated reconditioning with constant performance.

Our solutions for better performance and greater cost savings are tried and tested in these industries

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See the Industry page for more examples of applications in each of these industries.

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