• Customization to the smallest detail

  • In-house engineers & production

  • Over 55 years’ experience
  • Customization to the smallest detail

  • In-house engineers & production

  • Over 55 years’ experience

Further savings through reconditioning and repair

Regularly having to replace spare and wear parts means higher costs. To avoid that, choose the reconditioning and repair option for parts and even complete modules.

It will extend the total service life and deliver considerable cost savings without compromising on quality.

Employee (production) of Spikker Specials controls the production robot.

Our promises

Zoom in of cutting module, designed and produced by Spikker Specials
  • Quality guaranteed. The same high quality after reconditioning and repair as you get with new Spikker Specials parts.

  • Clear information and a transparent cost run-down after inspection. 

  • Reliable delivery times and replacement options in case of failure. 

Reconditioning and repair of existing machine parts

If your machine is no longer performing optimally because a critical part needs replacing, reconditioning or repairing that part may be a cost-effective solution.

Existing parts and modules, even those from other suppliers, can also be reconditioned or repaired. We will analyze all aspects and draw on our expertise and experience in the area of high-grade materials and production techniques. 

Overhaul and Repair of Critical Machine Component - Before and After

Considering repair options when designing new machine parts

Detail photo of critical machine component - After overhaul and repair

Our engineers design new machine parts with recondition and repair options in mind. During the design and material selection phase, they make the most of all the available options to extend the total service life. This way, they also guarantee that maximum quality and output are guaranteed after reconditioning and repair.

Multiple reuse of a machine part through reconditioning and repair will bring down your costs considerably.

Reconditioning and repair combined with modifications and standardization

Can the same reconditioning and repair option be used for multiple machines in your production lines? Are there possible modifications that would enable greater standardization? We will look into the options with you to maximize your savings.

All the information provided around a reconditioning or a repair is clear and comprehensive.

We understand that having clear information and a transparent run-down of costs is very important. And so, you can count on a clear process where all the parts and modules involved are subjected to through prior inspections. The costs involved in repair and reconditioning, as well as delivery times, will never come as a surprise to you afterwards.

If a machine part can no longer be repaired, we will help you as much as possible to arrange an immediate replacement. 

Every part or module we supply, whether it be new, reconditioned, or repaired, comes with comprehensive product information. If ever a machine part needs to be repaired again, this information will allow us to repeat the repair with all the specific details. Fast and always as agreed.

Employee (production) of Spikker Specials carefully checks/examines a critical machine part

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