• Customization to the smallest detail

  • Flexibility thanks to in-house design & production

  • Over 55 years’ experience
  • Customization to the smallest detail

  • Flexibility thanks to in-house design & production

  • Over 55 years’ experience

Improve machine performance

As an engineer at a machine manufacturer, you need to be able to rely on spare and wear parts that keep performing and meet the required specifications.

Display of various critical machine components, produced by Spikker Specials

Our promises

Zoom in quality control of a critical machine component, produced by Spikker Specials
  • Smart designs, tailored to your machines.
  • Save time. Our engineers will join your thought process
  • Outstanding quality thanks to in-house production and quality assurance.
  • Always to the right technical specifications.

Parts that simply do what they have to do

The performance of a machine depends on the performance of all of its constituent parts combined. Meet performance requirements to get your machines validated without any problems.

Thanks to our fully in-house engineering and production, you can always count on reliable quality.

Employee (production) of Spikker Specials works with extreme precision on a machine component

More time left over, less hassle

Our engineers are here for you. We will join your thought process on smart designs, we use the latest technologies, and we are the go-to specialist with extensive knowledge of high-grade materials. Thanks to many years of experience gained in various industries, we can offer a wide choice of solutions with proven quality.

Optimizing new or existing production lines? We will join your thought process

Employees (production) of Spikker Specials discuss a machine component solution

Spare and wear parts are crucial in ensuring high performance from your production lines. We get that. That’s why we will join your thought process in designing and optimizing every single machine part.

Together with you, we will define the requirements that your machine parts have to meet. No standard solutions, but customization for every specific application. This is how we reduce part consumption, machine downtime, production losses, and maintenance needs.

Aside from making new parts, we also look into reconditioning and repair options. We do that both for existing parts and modules and when designing new ones.

Boasting over 55 years’ experience and with over 200 satisfied customers, we can be your one-stop partner for a lasting relationship.

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