• Customization to the smallest detail

  • Flexibility thanks to in-house design & production

  • Over 55 years’ experience
  • Customization to the smallest detail

  • Flexibility thanks to in-house design & production

  • Over 55 years’ experience

Always the right and comprehensive information for each machine part

When replacing spare and wear parts, you want to be sure that parts, modules, and reconditioning always meets all the specifications. Not just quality is key, having the right and comprehensive information is also crucial.

From design to applications: we make sure that all the information is compatible with, among other things, OEM references and can be processed in ERP systems.

Employees of Spikker Specials discuss an order for machine components

Our promises

Employee (production) Spikker Specials shows a machine component that is being checked
  • Machine parts always have the right information laser engraved into them.
  • From design through to the ordering history. All specifications are carefully recorded.
  • Clear communication thanks to comprehensive and accurate information.

Security that you always have the right machine parts at your disposal.

On every single Spikker Specials-developed machine part, you will find the following information:

Spikker Specials item number.

Original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part number or customer-specific part number.

Production details for quality assurance.

This information is also communicated as comprehensively as possible throughout the process from ordering to delivery.

Security during the design phase is guaranteed through close consultation with comprehensive information such as part lists and composition drawings. We will adapt the information as much as possible to ensure accurate processing in ERP systems to enable automation.

Employee (engineer) of Spikker Specials who is working on the design of a machine component.

Careful, comprehensive, and securely managed product information.

Measuring equipment for machine parts quality control

Quality is also about being able to rely on secure data.

Given that we keep investing in IT, all the information is managed carefully and securely.

We see to it that product information can be processed in ERP systems. We analyze your item information to guarantee the right product information and compatibility.

A comprehensive service where we join your thought process right from the very first contact through to delivery and repeat orders.

Boasting over 55 years’ experience and with over 200 satisfied customers, we can be your one-stop partner for a lasting relationship.

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