• High-tech production

  • In-house engineers & production

  • Over 55 years’ experience
  • High-tech production

  • In-house engineers & production

  • Over 55 years’ experience

High-tech materials and production

Guaranteed quality in spare and wear parts thanks to our entirely in-house R&D, engineering, and production.  We invest continuously in new technologies to further expand our capabilities.  A high-tech environment with over 55 years of knowledge and experienced specialists.

An optimal design, high-grade materials, complete production, and comprehensive quality assurance. This is what empowers us to offer the best possible solutions in spare and wear parts for your production lines and machines.

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Our promises

Employee (production) Spikker Specials controls the high-tech robot arm, a form of high-tech production/a technology used
  • Continuous investments in new technologies to improve the parts for your machines.
  • Always outstanding quality thanks to fully in-house production and quality assurance.
  • Always to the right specifications.

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Continuous innovation for better machine performance

In order for us to be able to be a long-term partner to you, we never stop investing. Having an in-house R&D team means continuous innovation in knowledge and engineering, enabling us to offer the best solutions for an increasingly broad range of applications.

High-tech production environment for outstanding quality

Comprehensive and diverse in production technologies for greater flexibility and capacity. Fully climate-controlled for maximum and constant precision.

  • Extensive range of machining techniques with CNC milling, turning, and turn milling. Up to 5-axis machining with robotic automation.
  • Up to 5-axis CNC tool grinding, surface grinding, and cylindrical grinding.
  • Wire eroding (EDM) with robotic automation.
  • Joining techniques such as hard soldering, epoxy gluing, and TIG welding.
  • Climate-controlled measuring chamber with various CMM measuring machines.
  • Wide range of equipment to analyze and check chemical and mechanical material properties.
  • 3D printing using high-grade plastics for prototyping.

Everything that is needed for comprehensive in-house high-precision machining of high-grade materials. This is how we guarantee the quality of our machine parts, compositions, and repairs.

High-grade materials for optimal performance

Focused specifically on each application, material selection is crucial for optimal performance. We make the difference by selecting the highest quality for maximum wear resistance and the longest possible service life. We closely track developments to keep adding to our capabilities.

Spare and wear parts are used for a diverse range of applications and subject to different kinds of stresses. Spikker Specials is able to use a wide range of high-grade materials, including in combinations for specific parts and in compositions. Always specific and optimal for each application.

Example of machine component made of carbide

Tungsten carbide
We have been using cemented tungsten carbide for over 50 years. With a wide variety of grades and catered specifically to the required application. From industrial knives to complex guides.

Example of machine component made of powder metallurgical steel

Powder metallurgical steel
Tool steels and powder metallurgical steel with a micro-grain structure in particular are used because of their great resistance to abrasive wear and how well they can be machined into complex geometries. To maximize our machine parts’ service life, these materials are always completely hardened using specific heat treatments.

Example of machine component made of technical ceramics

Technical ceramics
Outstanding wear and corrosion resistance.  For various parts, we use ceramics with joining techniques combined with other materials. Compositions we use include silicon nitride, aluminum oxide, and zirconium dioxide.

Example of machine component made of polycrystalline diamond

Polycrystalline diamond and other materials
Polycrystalline diamond (PCD), titanium, aluminum, copper, and engineering plastics.  High-grade materials that are used where specific properties are required. Combined with other materials for specific parts or in complete compositions.

Material combinations and surface treatments

Spikker Specials is able to apply different materials to produce an optimal combination. To do that, we use various joining techniques, such as epoxy gluing, TIG welding, and hard soldering for combinations of hard metal, polycrystalline diamond and other materials.

Further improvement of wear and corrosion resistance? We offer various surface treatment (coating) options with materials such as hard chrome plating, hard metal, and diamond.

Example of critical machine component designed and produced by Spikker Specials

Boasting over 55 years’ experience and with over 200 satisfied customers, we can be your one-stop partner for a lasting relationship.

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