A streamlined production process, where machines and production lines perform continuously and optimally and also reduce on costs. That sounds like a plan, right? To achieve this, critical machine components are indispensable. In order to provide the right solutions for this, we are happy to visit you !

Nowadays a lot can be done online. Think of quotations, orders and appropriate advice. This is all very convenient when you have customers worldwide. But at Spikker Specials we find physical customer contact extremely valuable. In this blog we will explain why.

Personal contact

At Spikker Specials we work on optimizing your production process. It is important that we can see the production lines and understand what is needed to realize improvements. How does it work at your company? What are things we need to take into account during the design process?

Unlike many other suppliers, we go beyond simply offering what is requested. We think directly with the application in our minds and we consider all aspects that affect the performance of critical machine parts. Thus, being physically present with customers is very important in this regard. It allows us to directly translate to custom solutions and offer real added value.

Are we a match?

Before we drop by, there has already been a first contact moment. During this moment, we discuss the customer’s wishes and identify any problems. From there, we determine whether we can offer the customer what they are looking for.

During this contact moment we look at two things: the technical solution and the commercial part of the deal. Will the cost match the expectations? Does it make sense to visit the customer? Especially for more complex issues it’s important to map this out in detail.

Everything is put on the table. If there’s a match, we schedule an appointment together and make that visit to take a closer look at the situation. Together we ensure that the performance of your production lines is maximized and total costs are reduced.