Our offering of critical machine components is very diverse and suitable for a wide range of applications. With our technology, knowledge and experience, we can develop new solutions for your specific wear and tear problems. We offer extensive possibilities and are specialised in the area of guides and cutting.


Abrasive wear can cause machine failure and downtime. We offer solutions through the use of carbide, PM steel, corrosion-resistant tool steel, ceramics and high-performance plastics. These materials are also combined to create an optimal design for your specific application. Highly wear- and corrosion-resistant for applications in the food industry. Solid ceramics for glue applications and fitted with corrosion-resistant and fully hardened flanges.


Spikker Specials develops and produces complete cutting modules and cutting rollers. The best possible quality in PM steel, including in combination with ceramics and the possibility of full reconditioning. We only offer the best quality through an optimal selection of materials and cutting geometry for the materials to be cut. Industrial knives in carbide, carbide inlay or PM (powder metallurgical) steel.